A Network Matching High-Quality Pilots with Top-Tier Companies

Being a part of our elite pilot community ensures a steady stream of job opportunities

Maintaining a fleet of drone pilots incurs significant ongoing costs which require reliable job opportunities to be recouped. Making the industry connections to maintain this job flow can take years, but NearbySky’s network does it instantly.

NearbySky’s pilot network gives you access to qualified clients who will pay for premium UAV services. Our network coverage currently extends across Australia and New Zealand, so you can enjoy a regular supply of job opportunities, tailored to match your exact service offerings and capabilities.

NearbySky’s Network Brings You Job Opportunities

Increased Exposure

By being in the network, you will be exposed to the UAV services market.

Match Opportunities

Network jobs are assigned to partners and matched to pilots based on skills and geographical proximity.

Quality Opportunities

The network provides the opportunity to work with large and established UAV services businesses.

Partner Job Opportunities

NearbySky network is a way to partner with large clients and grow your UAV services business.

Which industries enable NearbySky network?

  • UAV Service providers
  • Photogrammetry Analysts
  • Real Estate Dronographers
  • Spatial Data Specialists
  • Industry Solution Providers
  • Film & TV Operators
  • Drone Light Show Vendors

Applications of Captured UAV Data

  • Asset Inspections
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Industry 4.0 
  • 3D Point Cloud & Digital Twin
  • Real World GIS Mapping 
  • Spatial Data Analysis 
  • Aerial Photography 
  • Visual Data Insights
  • Leak Detection
  • Facility Planning

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