NearbySky isn’t just a platform - it’s a UAV revolution

Scale your operations, data capture and revenue capacity with our NearbySky Platform and Network

NearbySky helps infrastructure engineers and environment designers to transform your business with more efficient reality capture and platform scale profitability

Our platform as a service enables UAV operators to manage more jobs and integrate more data with partners and suppliers while delivering a convenient, user friendly experience for your customers

Specialists. Anywhere. Our network adds reach from pro UAV operators. Ideal for designers who need high-res survey grade data capture from the field without leaving your desk.

Today's CAD models are artificially generated. What if they could show the world how it really is? Or was?

Enriching your models with 4 dimensional reality capture allows you to bring your digital twin to life. NearbySky removes the chokepoints of UAV data collection so you can keep up with market demand.

Our platform helps you manage UAV services and commission jobs on demand with seamless data integration.

Whether you work in engineering, construction, energy or any other industry that relies on UAV data this platform will modernise your process and transform your business operation.

Client Booking Experience

Provide an intuitive front-end experience for your customers.

Service Operations Portal

Your team can easily manage all your aerial data operations from one comprehensive portal.

Pilot Engagement App

Empower your pilots and suppliers to operate efficiently in the field.

Data Integrations Hub

Connect captured data to your business with customisable integration options.

Why NearbySky

Manage your entire fleet

All your pilots and suppliers can now be managed in one central network so you can grow partner bookings without exposing internal compliance systems

Reduce client costs

On-demand surveys improves inspection efficiency and reduces the overall cost of asset maintenance

Scale your operations

Digital workflows give you more operational efficiency and unlock consistent service value for all your customers

Increase market share

Mobile booking and greater productivity will allow you to grow revenue and increase market share

Integrate your systems

Spatial capture can be seamlessly integrated across your locations and data management systems in realtime

Expand your reach

Access more specialist pilots from anywhere on the network without compromising quality

Our Values


We don't just accept the status quo. We work to make it better


More than a UAV product. We're changing the paradigm of design industries


We are a digital startup with a team of experienced software engineers. We care deeply about customer experience


Your business grows. Our platform evolves with you. We meet the needs of a growing market.

"Today, one of our clients is doing 3,000 bridge inspections per year - but in the US there are more than 600,000 bridges - all with ongoing survey requirements. NearbySky is helping to realise that growth opportunity"

Max Flanigan - Founder

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